Konstantin Knoblich Photography | About
When I was young my father let me shoot with his film camera. Alas, I can't claim I got the bug from that era but it did give me taste of what I wanted to do. Convey emotions. When I bought my first digital point and shoot camera I was still not as enthusiastic as the medium back then was very inferior to film. It was only once I got my first DSLR that I realised there was potential there for more. You would find me then climbing, crawling and shooting with my camera in every corner and every angle. Experimentation was fun and for the first time you didn't have to wait to find out if you got the picture correct. I pushed myself to learn fast and digital SLR cameras let me do just that.

I am truly glad you have chosen to rest your eyes on my photographs. I have always wanted to put things together and show them as a polished project. I love to travel and I always carry my camera with me. This website is a culmination of experience and desire for something new and big. I hope you enjoy these pictures and get a glimpse of the beautiful world we sometimes live in.